Friday, July 22, 2011

"Kalamity K8" and the "Crumpster"

A couple of years ago I got a call from Kate Taylor (aka K-8).  She explained that we had mutual friends in common with Harry Lemire and Stacy Lamaroux and that they (Harry and Stacy) had given her my number and recommended she get a hold of me to talk about swingin' flies for Umpqua winter steelhead.  

Awhile later, in fact it may have even been the following winter, I was working with clients on the mainstem Umpqua when we recovered a 500 grain, compact skagit.  Long story short, ends up this very fly line belonged to Kate's boyfriend, Justin Crump (aka the Crumpster)  Through K8's web blog (Rogue Angles) you can follow their fishing and hunting adventures from Alaska to the East Cape of Baja and east to K8's family farm in the southeastern US where they go to hunt whitetails every fall.  These two know how to live! 

It was at K8 and Crumpsters urging that my girl and I head for the East Cape this past February and chased Roosters on the beach.  Good call you two!

So anyway, through the web blog, I know that these two are impressive photographers and capture great images while their out on the water fishing for themselves or while guiding in Alaska.

Last week I got a call from Bill Black at Spirit River asking me if I could help supply and locate some great images for the new Spirit River Catalog.  So I shoot an e-mail to K8 and Crumpster who are currently guiding in Alaska and ask them if they would like to send some pics along that I can send to Bill for the new calender. 

The pic's in this post is what they sent along.  Pretty cool huh! I told Kate that I was going to claim them as my own and that all these MONSTER rainbows came from trips we'd done on the McKenzie.  Evil ain't I? Well before I could even do that I had to figure out how to explain the Alaska-like background...nope, not gonna work, no matter how much "guide" spin I put on it.  So, Kate and Justin get the well deserved credit.  Great Fish!, Great Folks and Great Pics!!!