Thursday, January 15, 2015

Class is in session

This male went air-born eight times!

David with one so bright it hurt your eyes!

I enjoy learning.  I especially enjoy learning about important issues that have a direct impact on my quality of life and for me, quality of life is directly related to rivers.  So when my boss told me to get ahold of David Moryc from American Rivers and take him fishing so I could learn about mining issues in Oregon, I listened.  My 8th grade english teacher Ms. Covey, probably wished I listened to her as well as I listen to my Montana cowboy boss! 

For David Moryc, the classroom for today was...a river of course! 

I learned all about mining issues in Oregon and we each got to swing flies for some winter chrome.

Like I said, I enjoy learning!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


My friend and TU colleague, John McMillan (see "role models" from Dec. 18th, 2014) sent along these images from a day he spent chasing winter fish on the Olympic Peninsula recently. 

This is what John said about the brute "Here is a large male I got with Rob [Masonis] a week ago, about 38" and 22" in girth.  Nice fish, but water was 38F so it did not fight at all." 

Based on the size of this fish, if it were me, I'd count that as a blessing John!

Monday, January 12, 2015

A River Between Us goes public.

I met Jason two fall chinook seasons ago when he and Joel LaFollette came down to the south coast to fish with me.  Over the course of a few days of fishing together, I learned of this amazing conservation effort for the Klamath River.  Its an epic story of bringing folks together from very divergent interests and just getting them to talk to one another.  Over the course of four years, the people of this community came together for the good of all.   

Jason with one of the chinook he caught.

Jason sent along an e-mail to me yesterday, letting me know that this project - that he's devoted the last four years of his life to, is going public so that everyone can know what the people of the Klamath basin are doing for each other, the river and the salmon. 

Well done Jason!