Thursday, December 29, 2011


We ended the day yesterday going seven for nine.  All chrome.  All native.  All perfect.  The rain's that had been predicted came late in the afternoon and all was well.  I was a little sad that the "low water" start to my winter steelhead season was coming to an end.  It was an amazing month.  We caught fish everyday but one.  Saw more pressure from other anglers than I've ever saw before.  But it needed to end.  The fish needed the break and an opportunity to get up river without so many anglers pursuing them.  Now it will be the plunkers turn for a while. The river has been running a little over 3 feet for weeks.  It's predicted to go to 17 feet in the coming days.  Time to regroup, refill emptied fly boxes, repair and replace damaged sink-tips, make some needed repairs and maintenance of my boat, patch THE DAMNED LEAKS in my waders...again! I'll get a chance to re-acquaint myself with my family, do some bird hunting and dream of the next opportunity that mother nature will give me at such an amazing fishery.  In the past dozen or so years, we've only had three Decembers like it.  Below are a just a few of the images from the past several weeks.  Thanks to everyone who came out with me and shared in this special fishery!

K8 sends one on its way.

This salmon didn't like my little steelhead muddler.


K8 on the stick's of my little power boat getting the "Crumpster" and I into shooting range of some unsuspecting mallards.  It's ok Mr. Mallard... its just your friend Mr. Fisherman : )

Steelhead and salmon can endure such horrific injuries from seals and sea lions.  This one had a good sized bite taken out of  its back just below the dorsal fin. 

With this storm and subsequent high water, fishable numbers of winter steelhead will begin arriving in the fly water in the coming days and I'm really looking forward to coming home.  The summer fish that have patiently waited for the water flows to come up and stay up so they can move into their tribs will now get their chance.