Saturday, June 22, 2013

Top Water

This week I worked for the Big K Guest Ranch doing smallmouth bass trips on the Umpqua River.  We found some of the best top water smallmouth fishing I think I've ever enjoyed.  Not sure if it was the cloudy, over-cast conditions that did it.  Not really sure that anyone cared!  We just had a blast catching all these bass on surface poppers.  We found them in the shallow water near the banks and around structure.  Umpqua bass will usually take the poppers as soon as they smack the surface.  No need for finesse here.  The harder it smacks the surface the better!  After all the rings disapate, give it a solid tug to make it "POP" loudly and then let it sit until those rings disappear.  Most of the time, the bass explode on the fly as it sits still.  GREAT FUN!

As always the raptors (Osprey pictured here) share the water with us, showing off their amazing fishing skills.

My second to the oldest son, Colby has stepped up to help me out with trips to keep the family business going while I get my feet under me with the new job with Trout Unlimited.  He's been helping out with smallmouth trips and summer steelhead trips on the upper Willamette.  He and Kyle have been guiding for me now for the past three summers and both do a great job.  When all three of us are out working with clients during the day, evening discussions around the dinner table and "good-natured competition" B.S. sessions gets a little deep for momma, but its a lot of fun to share our experiences on the water.