Friday, September 23, 2011

The past week in pic's

This past seven days has really been a whirl-wind kind of week. 

It started off with a great day on the North Umpqua fly water with two of my favorite customers.  Brent Maher (pictured above working a favorite run)

and his dad, Richard swinging a dry with a single-hander.

Then it was off to the Deschutes for a couple of days of fishing with Kyle, Colby and my 'ol buddy,
Don Roberts.  Rose some fish on a new fly design I'm working on for steelhead and had a great couple of days in the high desert.

Walking along the stream side trail one morning, Don and I spotted this swallow nest (not sure if it was African or European? sorry) made of monofilament??? Pretty cool design and use of our garbage! Not so sure though that I want to ever see another one.  Just a reminder to pick up mono every time you find it laying along our rivers and properly dispose of it.

Then it was back over the mountains for a driftboat trip on the North Umpqua where I had another great day with another favorite customer, Rob Brown and his wife from

Then I headed down river to end what has been one of my best smallmouth bass seasons ever.  It started out pretty challenging because of all the high, cold water and the late start we got, but I don't recall a season where we've caught so many large bass like this year and I don't recall another season where I've been fishing so late into September either.

Sunrise over a portion of the ranch from the area we call "the Gap".

Jannie had a great morning with several bass in this size range.  Smallmouth bass fishing from a driftboat was new to her and she did a great job!

Barbara hopped in the boat for the afternoon session and she caught some really nice bass on her fly rod as well as conventional tackle. 

So that was my week.  Like I've said so many times before... Sleep is a weakness and I really am a VERY LUCKY MAN!