Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Spring Chinook trips / $150 per person & Cabela's presentations

Its been a tough winter steelhead season for some of my guides because of all the rain and high/muddy water we've had this year.  Its caused more cancellations than days on the water. So a few of them have asked me to give folks an incentive to book spring Chinook trips in the coming weeks.  For now, we're rolling prices back to the 1990's on our spring Chinook trips on the Umpqua only.  So for $150 per person (2 person max) you get a full, 8 hours of spring Chinook fishing on one of the worlds best spring Chinook rivers.  This does not include food/beverage or lic./tags, but all your tackle will be provided.
At these rates, my guides will have few openings left so you better book now!
Also, if you're in Springfield, Oregon this Saturday (March 12th) or in Tualatin, Oregon this Sunday (March 13th) I'll be giving presentations at Cabela's on fighting large fish on a fly rod both days at 2:30 p.m.  Stop by and say hi!
Then on April 16th I'll be back at the Cabela's in Tualatin and the next day at Cabela's in Springfield to give a presentation on Spring Chinook tactics.  All of these presentations are free of charge and will hopefully give you some information to help make your days on the water more successful.   

Friday, February 12, 2016

Winter Steelhead Stampede

I love winter steelhead season.  I especially like chasing winter steelhead after my duck/goose season has ended.  From now, until the first spring Chinook start to arrive in my backyard, I can totally focus and concentrate on getting my clients, family and friends (and myself!) into the greatest game fish that swims!
Watertime Outfitters guide, Rob Crandell with a beautiful winter steelhead he caught while out with me last week.
Some folks at ODFW recently told me that we have some very strong runs of winter steelhead up and down the coast right now.  High water kept many anglers from fishing through most of December and January so lots of fresh winter steelhead have been able to make their way into the stretches of water that I typically fish with the swung fly.  Its going to be a great February and March!
The past few weeks have given us multiple fish days so grab your gear and lets GO!
I have openings so give me a shout.