Monday, November 16, 2015

Intermission on the South Coast

I just returned from two solid weeks of fall Chinook fly fishing on the south coast.  The season is off to a great start and I wanted to share some images before I head back down later in the week.  This fishery will last until the holiday season so grab your favorite fly rod, intermediate fly line and a fist full of clousers!
This pool had at least 200 Chinook waiting for some rain to raise the river.  Several of them were in the 30 lb. range and one monster was way into the 40 lb. class!
This was a fish from that pool.
(photo credit: Don Roberts)

The "fish truck" was a great new addition to my program on the south coast.

I've got a duck hunt to do and then I'll be headed for the south coast for some more fall Chinook fishing!  Stay tuned for more updates.