Sunday, August 19, 2012

Huntin' with the boys

The past several days, the boys and I have been out hunting on our annual, early season juvenile elk/bear hunt.  Yesterday the boys put me to work!
Early yesterday morning, Ryan harvested this gorgeous little "cinnamon phase" black bear.  We had a heck of time getting it packed out with just the two of us, but we managed and had a ball! This bear had some distinctive traits aside from the long cinnamon colored guard hairs in its coat.
It's right-rear paw was deformed by the loss of three toes and claws.  Not sure what did it, but the injury caused some obvious atrophy to the right-rear leg. 
This is what the rear paw should have looked like.

Both front paws looked like this one.
I wrongly assumed that my work day had ended when I arrived home and finished preparing Ryan's bear...
Later that evening I learned that I was waaaaaaay wrong!
When Rhett (Ryan's identical twin) and I arrived back home at the DARK! from our evening elk hunt, my oldest son, Kyle frantically told me that he had left his little brother, Hunter and Kyle's girlfriend Alicia way up on the mountain with Hunter's first ELK!!! 

By the time we got Hunter's elk down the mountain and hung at the ranch house, it was well after midnight!

A very long, very successful day of hunting for the Finnerty family!