Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How many adjectives will you be known by?

The fish car and a welcome sign.

Believer, Husband, Father, grandfather, great grandfather, friend, kind, generous, legend, leader, influential, pioneer, fisherman, conservationist, role model, hero, extraordinary fly caster, teacher, singer, advocate, historian, business owner, fishing guide, biologist, builder, visionary.  

Frank found one moments before this pic was taken.
Behind me as usual!

These are just a handful of adjectives used to describe my friend, Frank Moore.  He came into my life at a time when I really needed to meet a man like him.  To say that his friendship was "life changing" for me is a huge understatement.  He is the reason I'm a fly fishing guide on the North Umpqua. He has taught me so much about life, love, friendship and family, not to mention less important things like casting a fly, steelhead behavior and hundreds of other things related to fly fishing. 

Wadin' Deep and castin' far!

Frank and I became friends many years ago when my oldest son's were just little guys tying flies at my booth at the Roseburg Sportsman Show.  I still marvel at how much he and his beloved wife Jeannie have come to mean to me and my family.  Our love of the Moores is definitely not rare or unique.  Its so amazing to me when I consider how many people in this world feel the same way about the Moores.  During the summer season, I often work "split days" with clients where we fish for several hours in the early morning, "split" during the mid-part of the day when the sun is full on the water and then get back together late in the afternoon and fish until the bats are flying.  During the mid-part of the day, I usually sleep at Frank and Jeannie's.  Rare is the day when I arrive for my afternoon siesta when there isn't at least one other "guest" already at their log cabin home.  I've met other friends of the Moore's from all points of the compass.  I don't think there is any place on the globe where they haven't been, fished and made friends.  I don't think I've ever read a book or magazine article about the North Umpqua where there isn't at least a mention of Frank, if not whole chapters and even books!  Amazing folks these Moores!

Today I got to spend the day swinging flies with Frank.  Of course he found fish behind me.  He ALWAYS does!  Someday, I'm going to figure out a way to fish behind him, but so far thats NEVER happened... NEVER!  I found fish too!  Its hard not to when your out with Frank.  With all the time I spend guiding on the North throughout the year, I often (a bit arrogantly) start thinking there aren't too many more places for me to learn where fish hold at various river levels and conditions.   Of all the places Frank took me to today, not one of them were places I had fished before during the winter run...NOT ONE!   and as usual I learned a bunch about steelhead behavior, learned some new holding water and had a great time with my friend. 

What a great day!  Thanks Frank!


  1. I have to agree Dean, that the real Gem of the North Umpqua is Frank himself. They don't make people like him anymore. Glad you had a glorious day watching Frank pick your pocket...and BTW, I'm likely next for a dollup of humilty....

  2. You forgot "hand-crusher" and "bear-hugger."

  3. You got that right Rob! When I grow up I wanna be just like him!