Sunday, April 10, 2011

Drumsticks anyone?

Yesterday the juvenile spring turkey season opened in our area.  Its only a two day season before the main spring turkey season opener starts next weekend.  So yesterday, Hunter and I went out and found some birds not far from home.  We called to a decent tom and brought him into range and Hunter sealed the deal with a great shot.

Today, I went out with another one of my boys.  Rhett loves to hunt and when he saw Hunter's bird from yesterday, thats all it took to get him motivated and get out there with me.  We hunted a new area, not far from where we went yesterday.  It didn't take long to get a pair of toms to answer my "owl" call.  Once located, the rest was pretty easy.  At least at first.  For some reason the pair of toms hung up out of range and I couldn't get them to budge.  Fearing they were just going to walk off and never be seen again, I decided to take Rhett on a quick little stalk to close the distance and get him into range.  With the help of so wind to cover our noise and a bunch of christmas tree-sized douglas firs, we were able to get within 25 yards, plenty close enough for my Browning "gold" and Rhett's great shooting ability.

Two days, two birds and we're eatin' pretty good this week!  I LOVE MY JOB!!!!

Tomorrow is my day to play, so Frank Moore and I are going to spend the day swinging flies.  I can't wait!

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