Friday, June 10, 2011

"multi-media extravaganza" aka Dean's dog and pony show

The nice folks at Central Coast Fly Fishers Club in Waldport, Oregon asked me back to do a presentation on summer steelhead fly fishing.  I was there this past winter speaking about smallmouth bass fly fishing on the Umpqua river.  They're a great group of guys and gals who are doing great things for fly fishing in the central Oregon coastal area. 

If your interested in having me give a presentation at your club, just give me a call or e-mail and we'll set it up.  I do presentations on various fly fishing related topics and as long as you've got access to a screen and power-point projector, I have the lap-top and several power-point programs that you might find entertaining and useful to your club members.

Tommorow I'm back on the water chasing springers, then a day of trout on the Mac and then down to the Big K for the start of the summer season there.  I just LOVE this time of year!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

10,000 +

As of June 6th over 10,000 summer steelhead have crossed the falls on the Willamette at Oregon City.  Over the past several days while working trout trips on the McKenize I've been seeing more steelhead laying in the high water slots and tailouts than I ever remember seeing.  The upper Willamette, while still running high, is slowly coming down and in the coming days and weeks its gonna go off!  Better plan on being there for some of the hardest tuggin' fish of the season!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Speaking of "Tiller"

My three youngest boys ready to work one of our favorite run's on the lower Deschutes in October, 2007.

For years I ran all my powerboat trips out of this boat.  It was one of the fastest boats on the river.  It was 20' Longton with a high output, Kodiak package LT-1 (corvette motor) Chevy 350.  It held 60 gallons of fuel, and it used it all on long days.  The thing was built so well it was just amazing.  Great boat!  It's currently in the hands of one of my best friends and he's put a new coat of paint on it and is running Salmon trips out of Winchester bay with it now. 

When my business changed from conventional tackle Salmon, Steelhead and Sturgeon trips to fly trips, it really cut back the number of days that I could or would make use of this great boat.  On the mainstem Umpqua when the water was high enough to launch this boat at many of the boat launches, the water would be too high to make fly fishing a possibility.  It was handy for running trips on the upper Willamette for summer steelhead and it was great for chasing Spring Chinook on the lower Umpqua, but that was about it.  It was time to make a change. 

I needed a boat that was more fuel efficient when fuel prices began to soar.  I needed a boat that could handle me and one or two clients at a time, not four or five.  I needed a boat that I could push off the trailer if I couldn't get the boat in the water due to low flows.  I also wanted a boat that I could use for a wider variety of trips.  I needed a boat that would be at home on the bays, yet still get me through some pretty good white water, or sneak back into the tulle's on a bass trip.  I wanted it equipped with a four-stroke motor with a pump for shallow water runnin'.  I wanted it set up with a bow mounted electric trolling motor for stripers, smallmouth and largemouth bass trips, as well as some of my fall salmon fly fishing trips where gas motors are not allowed.  It had to be big enough to be safe on bigger water, but small enough to run around on the McKenzie, upper Willamette and the really skinny water that I swing flies on for early winter fish on the lower Umpqua. 

This is "that" boat.
It even came with a duck blind and camo-pedestal seats!  The duck blind goes on and comes off in a matter of minutes so when I'm doing a duck hunting trip I just put the blind on.  The next day if I'm doing a fishin' trip, I take the blind off and store it in my boat shed. 

I added oar locks and use 9 1/2 cataract oars to side drift from it.  Works slick!  For McKenzie march brown trips where we're side drifting nymph combo rigs under bobbers I can cover the water so much more thoroughly than I ever could from my drift boat. 

In the winter when I'm running side drifting trips for steelhead I cover the water in the same way.

It has a 50 hp Honda four stroke motor with a pump that they call the "35 jet".  It has an 18 gallon fuel capacity that allows me to run all day long for three days before needing fuel.  I've had as many as three clients with me in this boat and it will still get on plane and go where I need it to go.  With just me and one client, I can even get there pretty darned fast!

The sides are low enough that its easy to get in and out of when we're using it as a "water taxi" to get from run to run when swingin' flies. 

It's very stable, has plenty of storage and its become one of the funnest boats I've ever owned.  I just love runnin' this little OD green boat around. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

New hand on the tiller

Kyle running my powerboat on the McKenzie yesterday.

My oldest son, Kyle has come aboard to join the family business.  Kyle began fishing with me when he was three years old.  Back then he joined me for shad, trout and summer-time bluegill trips mostly.  He caught his first salmon on the upper willamette at age four.  He loves to hunt, espeically birds, so he'll be helping out this fall in the Duck blinds and Goose fields. 
Kyle in Alaska in Sept. 2008

When he was in Junior high, he helped me out with Fall Chinook trips on the lower Umpqua.  Many of you still remember Kyle running the boat, baiting hooks and netting fish for you.  Well now he's old enough to start running his own trips so this summer he'll be running driftboat trips for me on the upper Willamette for summer steelhead and trout trips on the McKenzie.  I'm biased, but I think you'll enjoy your days on the water with my son.