Sunday, June 5, 2011

New hand on the tiller

Kyle running my powerboat on the McKenzie yesterday.

My oldest son, Kyle has come aboard to join the family business.  Kyle began fishing with me when he was three years old.  Back then he joined me for shad, trout and summer-time bluegill trips mostly.  He caught his first salmon on the upper willamette at age four.  He loves to hunt, espeically birds, so he'll be helping out this fall in the Duck blinds and Goose fields. 
Kyle in Alaska in Sept. 2008

When he was in Junior high, he helped me out with Fall Chinook trips on the lower Umpqua.  Many of you still remember Kyle running the boat, baiting hooks and netting fish for you.  Well now he's old enough to start running his own trips so this summer he'll be running driftboat trips for me on the upper Willamette for summer steelhead and trout trips on the McKenzie.  I'm biased, but I think you'll enjoy your days on the water with my son.

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