Monday, March 12, 2012

Fishin', yes. Catchin'...not so much

I'm off today.  Back on the North for the next two days.  Ended my time with Harry yesterday.  Had a blast, as always.  Learned so much again! We got hit with some weather the day Harry arrived so the rivers started out a bit high.  We fished a small coastal stream that Harry loves.  Saw a bunch of fish in several runs. Didn't touch a one of them one our swung flies.  We caught some decent cutthroat and that's always nice.

We spent the last two days on the North Umpqua.  We fished some of my favorite water outside the fly area.  We fished HARD!  Didn't touch a fish the first day.  Yesterday we had three encounters, the sun was shining and it was 74 degree's!  Last night I gave Harry a hug goodby and wished him well at this weekends fly tying show.  I can hardly wait for next winters adventures with Harry. 

If your interested in some additional comments and thoughts from my days on the water with Harry this week, hop over to my other blog

I spent the last two days swinging flies with new clients.  Saturday we didn't touch a fish.  Sunday we had five encounters with steelhead and had a ball.  There are fish in the fly water in good numbers.  Just stay out of the tailouts as most have actively spawning fish now.  Several of the fish we rose on Sunday were bright and shiny as a new dime and the gear guys in the gear water are still catching lots of bright, fresh fish so the run will easily last well into late April again this year.  I also heard of a 32 pound springer taken below Elkton on February 24th!  Its that time of year again already!!!


  1. Most types of fish that are caught in North Umpqua are the Anadromous Fish, Coho salmon, Chinook salmon, Steelhead and non-native fish like the Cutthroat trout. I like the place under the river bridge. I often stay stop there with my cousin to have a break after a long fishing day. :)

    Dollie Perrault

    1. We have the same "sweet spot" for fishing, Dollie. :P Fishing under the river bridge is quite cozy, especially when it's hot, and you can use the bridge as a shade. One should feel comfortable when fishing to be able to focus on catching fish. Fishing takes a lot of patience, and with patience, comes great focus.

      Melanie Daryl

    2. A 74 degree' temperature! That's a beautiful day to go fishing, Dean. I agree with Melanie that finding the "sweet spot" is the key to have a successful fishing day. :) Those fish that Dollie mentioned were the ones my cousin and I usually caught when we fished in North Umpqua.

      Idalia Conn