Sunday, May 12, 2013

Diver Down!

Awhile ago I posted about Kyle and I working towards getting our open water certification in diving.  This weekend we got-r-done at Mike's beach resort on Hood Canal in Washington's Olympic Peninsula.
Me bobbing around, waiting for other divers to get ready to head for the bottom.
My first crab!  sharing the experience with Rhett and Hunter.
Kyle and I heading into the water for our second dive of the day.

Kyle demonstrating one of our dive skills.  "Pushing an old diver to shore when he's too exhausted to swim back on his own" ... or something like that!

Our dive instructor for our "open water" dives, Roald and I getting in the water and getting ready to head for the bottom. 

We had a blast getting our certification.  If you've ever thought you'd like to immerse yourself in diving..DO IT!  Diving is one of the safest, most fun ways to spend time around the water.  We dove to a depth of 60 feet!  We swam with ling cod, copper rockfish, octopus, brown jellyfish (watch out for these!) several different species of crab and all kinds of sea anenemies and other types of sea animals.  AMAZING!
You haven't lived until you've experienced neutral buoyancy and felt the sensation of "flying" over the bottom of the ocean in sixty feet of water!
My youngest son, Hunter (a regular on this blog) also got in on the action!

Look for more images of future dives from all of us at Dean Finnerty Guides and Outfitters.

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