Tuesday, June 28, 2011

2011 model years are in!

Stan Rocco from Salem with one of two today.

The past couple of days have seen consistent fishing for my clients on the McKenzie and upper Willamette.  Work continues on the dam at Dexter making water flows fluctuate wildly which is not helping out, but if you hit it when the flows have been allowed to stabilize so the fish can settle in a bit, they will get grabby.  The other thing I've noted so far this year is the above average sizes of fish we're finding.  Instead of the typical "cookie cutter" six to eight pound fish (like the one above) several of our recent fish have been large, like 10, 12 pound large. 

Tommorow I'm back on the Umpqua at the Big K for smallmouth, then.... 
my summer season on the North Umpqua starts Thursday and I can't wait!  Stay tuned!

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