Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Lumpy" on the sticks

Over the past few months business has been booming. So much so, that I've hired my two oldest son's to work for me.  Its worked out kinda nice.  I get to spend some extra time with my boys, especially when we're running larger groups, and I don't have to give hard earned "secrets" to other guides.  Just kiddin'...not really!
Colby (aka "Lumpy, Pokemon and lots of others!) running my Willie through some water on the upper Willamette earlier today. 

Lunch break. (from L. to R. "Lumpy", me, Harry, Marilyn, John and Len)

We had another great day on the Willamette today.  Over the past week I've spent the bulk of my time working on the Upper Willie.  Fishing has been consistent with steelhead grabbing every day we've been out.  My other son, Kyle has been working for me on the McKenzie and finding willing Native Cutts and a few Rainbow every day. 

Smallmouth Bass, Trout and Summer Steelhead are on the agenda for the next few days.  We'll be working the lower Umpqua for smallmouth, McKenzie for trout and the North Umpqua for summer steelhead.  I'll sleep when I'm dead! 

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