Monday, May 7, 2012

My brine and Rob's custom spinners continue to kick butt!

Long time friend, John Risko and I spent a great day on the lower Umpqua yesterday.  We saw several other boats catch fish, but they didn't do as well as my boat.  The difference?

R&B Lure Co. "candyback" series spinner blades and my killer brine!

The spring chinook on the lower Umpqua are just lovin' this new, deadly combination.  Every salmon we've caught over the past week have been hatchery fish, and all of them just swallow this bait/blade combo!
Even I get to take one home for the BBQ!

John and I ended the day going three for three.  This week should be even better as the water drops and clears a bit.  Still haven't had decent water to swing flies for these amazing salmon yet, but hopefully the warm, dry weather we've got coming will change that! Until then, I'll just have to keep getting them to eat an anchovie/spinner rig! 

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