Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hidekazu & Akiko

Several years ago, I don't recall exactly how many, I met Hidekazu and Akiko.  They hail from Hiroshima, Japan and come out to fish with me every other summer.  Both are superb fishermen and are equally adept with fly tackle or spinning gear.  When I first met them, bass had their full attention.  They loved them!  Largemouth and Smallmouth trips were the only thing they wanted to do.

On a subsequent trip we changed it up a bit and did a float for trout with fly gear on the upper McKenzie.  They fell in love with trout and with fly fishing.

Just prior to leaving on our Elk hunt, Hidekazu, Akiko and I spent several hillarious days chasing trout and smallmouth.  Even though we have a bit of a language barrier, Hidekazu keeps me rolling in the bottom of the boat with laughter every day we're out.  In this pic Hidekazu is shedding yet another tear because Akiko's "decobatchi" (little) bass is bigger than his.

When I'm working on the McKenzie I usually have my folks fish a two fly rig and occassionally we'll get a double. 

Akiko managed to pull this feat off several times, again to the dismay of poor Hidekazu!

I'm hoping on their next trip to Oregon, I'll get to introduce them to a summer steelhead!

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