Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mailman brought some new toys!

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had the opportunity to try out some new lines, rods, reels and other cool fly fishing toys.  One of the highlights of this tackle field test fest was the Ambush lines from Wulff products that my buddy Dick Sagara brought along.  These lines were really close to some lines I was introduced to last summer when three of my favorite new clients from Norway showed up on the North Umpqua with some homemade lines they spey cast on single handers for like 500'!  Okay, that may be a little guide BS, but those fella's could throw some fly line...a VERY LONG WAY!

So the other day, my mailman, who normally just brings me stacks of bills, actually brought me something I could make use fact, I was just giddy with delight when I saw what that insufferable bastard actually brought me for a change.

The nice folks at Wulff products sent me a handy-dandy Ambush line for my little 4-5 wgt. 11' TFO Deer Creek switch rod and a 400 grain Ambush line for my ECHO 9' 7 wgt. single hander. 

A few minutes later I had both lines loaded up on a couple of my favorite 'ol "look at me" Hardy reels and I'm ready to go!

Tomorrow I'm fishin' some guests at the Big K for smallmouth bass, the next two days I'm fishin' trout on the McKenzie...a day off...two more days for trout on the McKenzie, but Wednesday my little skaters are gonna get thrown clear across the North Umpqua attached to the end of these new lines!  You can bet I'll let you know how it goes.

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  1. Dean:
    I was inspired by your prior posting about the Ambush line and when I went into the Caddisfly a couple days later, Ty also gave an endorsement about the Ambush line for single hand spey casting. So, I purchased the 7wt Ambush line and tried it on my old Sage 790 RPL and a 8' 7wt Fenwick Fiberglass rod I just purchased on ebay.

    I really love this line! This line worked well on both of my 7wt rods, but I have really liked this line on the little fiberglass rod. I am able to single hand spey cast in very tight quarters with ease. This comes in handy on rivers where overhanging trees and being right against the bank is common.

    Thanks for sharing about this wonderful product. Like you said, it's not just some new gimmick, it is truly a useful fishing tool. I struggled with my single hand spey casting using standard lines like DTs and steelhead tapers, but the Ambush line has brought much joy to my single hand spey casting and I find myself using my single hander more than my two handers since I purchased this line.

    Tight lines,
    Todd Hirano