Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fly Fishing's youngest "Rockstar"

Tegan Sheppard and her equally famous parents (Marty and Mia Sheppard) came by my booth at the Northwest Sportsman Show at the Portland Expo Center today.  Tegan's exploits can be routinely found on the family business blog site "Metalheads" (see link's bar at right)  For the past couple of season's the Sheppard's and I have tried to work out a date in our busy schedules to share our rivers with each other.  For me, I'll get a chance to revisit my old stompin' grounds on the Sandy.  For Marty and Mia I'll get them out on the North Umpqua. 

For now, it was just a blast to finally get to meet them in person and spend some time watching Tegan bring smiles to all and warm a big hall with her charm! 


  1. Oh she definitely has charm! I love that little Tegan!

  2. She's so awsome and I love the way Marty and Mia are raising her. She's a beautiful little person whose going to be a beautiful adult who'll love and respect other people and everything outdoors!

  3. I look forward to the day we finally get on the river with you! Great to see you. I hope to make another round down there Sunday. Tegan is an awesome little kid and we have so much fun with her! Thanks for the nice words.