Thursday, November 29, 2012

A valley full of geese

I spent the morning in the southern Willamette valley yesterday huntin' ducks and geese.  Chuck and Gema couldn't make it. The boys had to work or had finals.  So I had to go it alone.  Not a ton of ducks flying.  Had some teal and shoveler's come into the dekes and ended the morning with six ducks.  But in the past few days a lot of geese have shown up.  The dike going out to my pit blinds were just littered with goose poop.  A bunch of geese were on my pond as I was setting out the dekes. 

Later in the morning when the geese lifted off the refuge and started flying to their fields to feed I estimated at one point that there were probably 20,000 cacklers in the air above me.  I focused my efforts on the big geese, Western Canada geese that really wanted into my pond.  Who am I to deny them?

When geese WANT to come into a particular area, you pretty much got to try to screw it up and I wasn't going to try and screw it up! 

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