Saturday, November 17, 2012

How could I possibly live anywhere else?

Yesterday, one of my guides and I had the day to ourselves. We both had muzzle loader tags for deer and decided to go try and fill them. 

Throughout the day, we came upon sights like these.  Josh and I both grew up in this mountain country and we've never lost our appreciation of how special a place we live and call "home".

It's big country, steep and rugged, indescribably beautiful. Breath-taking really.  You stand on the edge of these canyons and its makes you feel REALLY SMALL!

I just couldn't live anywhere else in the world.  I ended the day harvesting my deer.  I spent most of today cutting and wrapping and getting my venison in the freezer.  Over the coming months the deer will feed my family, and I'll look forward to spending another day in my "office".  

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