Thursday, April 2, 2015

Elk River Salmon Emphasis Area

Southwest Oregon's Elk River hosts a run a fly eating fall Chinook each November and December.  Its an economic "life blood" for dozens of guides, hotels, restaurants and many other businesses in Port Orford and cash-strapped Curry County.
The north side of the river is well protected with two wilderness areas, the Grassy Knob Wilderness and the Copper Salmon Wilderness area.   It's the south side of the river that needs additional protection for these amazing salmon.  Some 28,000 acres are currently managed by the USFS under the administrative rules of the Northwest Forest Plan.
We're simply seeking the permanence of those protections in the form of legislation brought by congress.  Oregon's delegation recognizes the importance of Elk River to Oregonians and the amazing citizens of SW Oregon will see this through.
This short video tells the story.

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