Thursday, June 18, 2015

Smallmouth time on the Umpqua

I'm still waiting for fishable numbers of summer steelhead to enter the North Umpqua fly water and the upper Willamette.  Based on the very poor numbers of fish so far over the falls at Oregon City, I'm doubtful that this is going to be a good season on the "Town-run".  I've already heard of fish though on the North Umpqua.  I usually don't start guiding in the fly water until after July 1st.

The really low flows and super warm water on the lower Umpqua though is producing the usual "100 fish days" which are keeping us pretty busy. 

Next week I'll be doing a seminar on Umpqua River smallmouth bass fly fishing techniques at the Cascade Family Fly Fishers June meeting.  If you're a member come by and check it out.  Hopefully everyone will come away with some new techniques and learn how my guides and I rack up huge numbers everyday we're on the lower river. 

Umpqua smallmouth fishing is a true world class fishery that will last well into August.  Don't miss out this summer on one of the best fisheries Oregon has to offer! 

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